I’m baking brownies tomorrow!

30 Sep

I know…kind of scary.  I’m baking them because my parents and sister are coming over for dinner to celebrate my dad’s 81st birthday.  He loves chocolate – so do I. 

Usually when I bake, I like to eat the batter, lick the bowl, spoon, etc.  Then, at night, I’ll have a big brownie.  The next night – the same.  I’m mad for the [insert whatever dessert it happens to be] brownies and can’t wait for dessert.  I kind of get excited for dessert after we’ve cleaned up from dinner and get ready to watch TV.  It’s as if a law will be passed the next day declaring brownies a banned substance.

I’m sure that if I told my dad that I didn’t feel comfortable having the brownies around, he’d understand.  He knows that I’m on a mission.

But, I think this time is different.  This time, I have you.  That’s right…one of the main reasons I started this blog was to add an accountability component to my plan.  So, listen up.  Right now, I’m telling you that when I bake those brownies tomorrow, I will not lick the bowl, or the spoon.  I will bake the brownies, and then tomorrow night, when it is time for dessert, I will have a small brownie.  After that, I’m sending them away.  Either my parents can take them home, or I’ll send them with my husband to his Saturday morning golf game so his friends can get an 8:00 a.m. sugar rush along with their Red Bull chaser.

I really don’t want anything to be off limits (except, well, maybe potato chips and Cheetos – but that’s another blog).  I don’t want to feel deprived, because I can be one heck of a rebel if I think I can’t have or do something.  This is NOT the last dessert in the world. 

I’ll admit, I do have some obsessive thoughts running around in my head about how, oh, maybe I won’t lose any weight this week if I have a little brownie.  BUT, that’s not realistic either.  I don’t want to take my compulsive thinking in the opposite direction.

So, here’s to doing things differently – I will post a follow-up to report how I do with the baking – report it to you, my friends and supporters.  It helps knowing you are out there.  I have received so many wonderful comments, emails and phone calls from friends and family telling me how proud they are, and asking me to let them know how they can help.  I am so grateful for all of the feedback.  It’s not like I thought anyone would really say, “What a terrible idea this is!  Why on earth would you want to lose weight and improve your health?”  But, I didn’t think about all that I would receive upon embarking on this vulnerable journey.

So, thanks, friends!  I’m not sure I could so this without you.

2 Responses to “I’m baking brownies tomorrow!”

  1. GB & MB September 30, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    Bravo! No spoon lickin’, please. I’m sure Bob and Dar or the golf guys will love the brownies (just make Tom promise not to nibble). A big test for you — hang in there.

  2. GAIL October 1, 2011 at 3:22 am #

    Great plan about the brownies! Yes, of course allow yourself a small one. And take tiny, tiny bites and savor each one, REALLY tasting it. And do whatever it takes not to lick the bowl. If it’s a real struggle do something immediately to lessen the temptation….fill the bowl with sudsy water or pour in vinegar or something that would make it disgusting. You’re doing a great job, hon!

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