Week Two Wrap-Up

3 Oct

If I had to choose one word to describe week two, it would be ‘refining.’  But, first…

Week three started with a less than satisfying workout.  Pffffft!  First of all…

my smart phone classic rock station was playing things like, “Take it to the Limit,” by the Eagles and some Bad Company rock ballad I can’t remember the name of right now.  Then, somehow I accidentally hit the stop button on my treadmill, and the ‘press the quick start button to resume’ didn’t work.  Arghhhh!  THEN, well, sometimes early morning exercise gets the constitution moving, if you know what I mean, and I had to take a break for that.

The important thing is, I kept getting back on ‘the horse’  and didn’t give up.

But, back to week two, which ended with an additional two pound weight loss, for a total of seven pounds.  Yay!

It feels like I’ve settled in a little bit, and refined my eating.  The biggest difference I noticed was that, in week one, I wanted to eat as much as I was ‘allowed’ for each meal (5 small meals a day) – AND made sure I ate each meal.  It felt kind of desperate.  I even made too much food that first week (bunch of hummus, yogurt dip, etc.) so I’d have ‘enough’ and plenty of options for each day.  But, it was more than could be eaten in a week.  Last week I listened to myself and my body more and realized, “Hey, I’m not really hungry between breakfast and lunch, so I don’t want to eat that meal.”  I do, however, really need the mid-afternoon snack.

I’ve also realized that I am much more satisfied and feel full longer if I have some animal protein for breakfast.  An egg and an egg white with some lean meat and goat cheese is my favorite choice right now.  One day last week, I had a wrap for breakfast and my yogurt and granola for lunch.  I added a side of chicken breast to the yogurt lunch, and it was perfect.  I could definitely be a dinner vegetarian, but for the first two meals of the day, I need me some animal.

I’m finding that I may have to get a little unconventional in some of my food choices (few ounces of chicken breast for breakfast with fruit and toast), which is fine.  Thinking outside the box is something I can certainly do.

This week, I’m a little nervous – I’m heading out of town for a girl’s trip with my sister and cousin.  We are headed to Mammoth, CA for some fall colors, a little gambling, and some general all around fun.  Typically, when we vacation together, it’s kind of a food frenzy.  And, I admit, that’s how I’ve definitely viewed vacations in the past.  But, I’ve got a plan – we’re taking healthy snacks for the road, and we’ll have a kitchen in the cabin we are renting, so I’ll be able to make myself some staples – like hardboiled eggs.  I know we’ll also be walking quite a bit.  Today, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about this trip!

Lastly, in my week one wrap-up, I mentioned that my goal was the gym Mon and Wed, Jazzercise Tues and Thurs, and Zumba on Friday.  Well, I’m kind of scared to go to Jazzercise, and here’s why.  Several months ago I attended one of my classes, and the next day my lower back was out – way out.  It was so bad I couldn’t even walk – I couldn’t do any exercise at all.  So, I’m feeling like I’d rather go for a nice brisk walk on those days instead of risk an injury that would leave me unable to do anything for exercise.  That scares me – especially at this point when my plan is so new.  I feel like not being able to even go for a walk could be the start of a downward spiral.  Perhaps when I get back from my trip, I will consider going back.  Maybe even try it for half an hour (instead of the full hour – hey, I just thought of that as an option) and see how it feels.

So, that’s it for week two.  Here’s to week three!

3 Responses to “Week Two Wrap-Up”

  1. Carol Malnati October 3, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

    Congratulations Kendall! You are doing GREAT! I hope you have a great vaca – please tell Dorie I said “hi” – Carol

  2. LES October 5, 2011 at 2:42 am #

    even if you are not hungry remember that eating the 5 times a day keeps your metabolism burning fat and calories.very important even if it is not alot.
    keep up the great job love ya

    • Kendall October 5, 2011 at 5:01 am #

      Thanks, Bro. I’ll keep that in mind! You inspire me!

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