Seattle Weekend – Refocus

25 Oct

Well, we definitely ate (and drank) like kings on vacation — a cookie a day, wine every night, a couple of martinis thrown in for fun.  BUT, we also walked nearly everywhere, logging over 4 miles on Saturday, plus a trip to the hotel gym.  The result was a 3 pound weight gain for me.  Oh, dear.  For some reason I wasn’t that freaked out by it.  Maybe it is because I’m feeling good about getting back into the new lifestyle groove (not that I even really feel like I totally left it behind). 

There were some thoughtful choices over the weekend as well – a shared sandwich, with the bread tossed out, cold smoked salmon for lunch instead of buttery clam chowder with truffle oil.  Oh, and when we stopped at Subway for lunch on the drive home, I turned down chips!  Me!  Didn’t even really want them.  How’s about that!?  The best part, I think, was actually choosing what I wanted.  If it was going to be a foodie weekend, then I wanted to think about what I really wanted to eat…and I did.  As promised, I also managed to leave some food on my plate a few times during the trip.  (And, I didn’t get any Beecher’s mac n’ cheese….so good!)

Today, I really felt ready to refocus…I went to an amped-up Zumba class, had oatmeal for breakfast with figs and almonds, a salmon salad for lunch, and then (insert sound effect of screeching breaks) D.E.T.O.U.R…I had to go to Lloyd Center today for a doctor’s appointment, and I happened to come in the entrance where Joe Brown’s Caramel Corn was.  OHHHH EMMMM GEEEE!  I hadn’t thought about that place since my childhood.  Their cheese popcorn is the best.  Yep, it’s true, after my appointment, I bought myself a small box, and unfortunately, consumed the whole thing on the drive home.  Admittedly, I ate it like I’d been in a POW camp for the last 3 years.  It wasn’t pretty.

Why didn’t I call someone before the popcorn purchase?  It didn’t occur to me.  Honestly – I need to find a way to have a moment to THINK before I ‘do.’  I don’t seem to have that built in yet.  But, I need something…to count to ten, or have some other kind of alarm system inside of me that will allow me to halt before I react.  That HAS to come even before I can talk myself into texting or calling someone.  I didn’t realize I need a PRE-halt, halt. 

But, now I refocus.  And, I TRULY am feeling committed to a healthy week of meals and exercise.  (I can only think a week at a time.)  I’m cutting low on the carbs this week to see if I can lose most of those three pounds I regained.  We bought yummy, healthy groceries at Pike Market before we headed home yesterday.  So, I’ve got an arsenal of weapons in my favor…Brussels sprouts, persimmons, figs, Jazz apples – good stuff.  So, let’s hear it for getting back on the dance floor!

For this week, I’m committing to no more detour foods…


3 Responses to “Seattle Weekend – Refocus”

  1. Dee October 25, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    Good post today, Kendall. You owned up to eating yummy popcorn but got yourself back on track to lose 3 pounds and beyond. Any more trips coming up that you’ll have to prepare yourself for? That’s always the hardest for me…even the smallest outings where I could potentially get offtrack with a restaurant meal or someone’s birthday party where there’s cake, appetizers, etc. that are just too hard to resist.

    • Kendall October 25, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

      Thanks, Dee. NO MORE travel for awhile, thank goodness. Those temptations can be so hard. = )

  2. Krista Swan October 27, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    I love that you knew you were having a foodie weekend, and allowed that, but chose very carefully what you would eat. I think that makes us appreciate those foods even more!

    Building in brakes is definitely the hard part. If I’m at home, my “brakes” are carrots & hummus. I almost need to carry snacks around with me as alternatives to those tempting detour foods. I’m without snacks today, and waiting for a lunch date. Feeling hungry, I grabbed a bite of cake that is laying around the office – without even giving it any thought! YIKES! It’s easier to stop myself if I actually THINK ABOUT IT! Problem is, it’s hard to think when you are hungry – which is why I do so much better if I plan to have healthy snacks all day. 🙂

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