Sometimes you have to eat what you REALLY want…

3 Nov

Yesterday, the hormones were a knockin’ at my door.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t craving chips or Cheetos. 

I had a healthy breakfast, and headed out the door around 10:30 for my weekly SMART reading at a local elementary school.  I usually stop at my folks before (to drop off the dog for a visit), and after (for my visit), so I brought along an apple and some peanut butter so I wasn’t left without something I felt good about eating.

When I got to my parents’ house, I decided I felt more like some cheese.  Mom had some meunster, which I forgot doesn’t have much flavor as far as cheeses go.  But, I had that with my apple.  At the grocery store on the way home, I still wanted SOMETHING.  My body was craving fat.  First I perused the snack aisle, thought about popcorn…Nope, that wasn’t ringing my bell.  I realized I wanted more cheese, and some crackers.

So, I moved on to the cheese aisle and ($10 dollars later – gulp), had some gruyere and some sort of triple-cream beauty in my cart.  I also got some gluten-free crackers to go along with it. 

I got home, prepared my plate with some of each cheese and some crackers and (yes, I sat down to watch TV), felt a little guilty, but really enjoyed my food.  I ate more than was a serving, but by no means a binge amount.  When I was done, I felt amazingly satisfied.  Have you ever figured out what it is you really want to eat, and then had it?  It’s truly satisfying and pleasurable. 

I was a little afraid (like with chips and Cheetos) I’d want to have more of it today, and I admit, it did sound tasty.  But, I really wasn’t craving it.  Today for lunch, a salad with turkey, dried cranberries and balsamic dressing sounded good. 

I guess the lesson for me here is, that having a smaller-ish amount of what I TRULY want (rather than a whole bag of Cheetos because they are there) is fulfilling and ‘okay’ on this new lifestyle course.  Sure, it COULD slow down the weight loss, but I don’t want to feel deprived.  My inner rebel would get pissed!  Nothing is off limits (except, for now, Frito Lays products and their bretheren!)  And, I’m okay with that.  I’m enjoying having some cheese on a salad, cashews for a snack, olive oil on my salads, etc. and eating less carbs.  It seems to be working…

For now, what more can I ask for?  Well, okay, LOVING the treadmill would be nice, but…miracles should be saved for more important matters.

2 Responses to “Sometimes you have to eat what you REALLY want…”

  1. Susan Sopp November 4, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    I love reading your journal : ) You say it so well. I laughed loudly about LOVING the treadmill : )

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