Danger, Will Robinson…

4 Nov

Yesterday, the cheese got the best of me.  Once again, I had a healthy breakfast – 1/2 whole grain roll with turkey and half a persimmon.  I knew going into the day I wanted cheese for lunch.  Thought about it often during the morning (this should have been a warning sign), and was excited at the prospect of the yummy, nutty, creamy dairy-ness that would be my lunch.

Bottom line…I ate too much cheese and too many crackers.  It was Cheetos behavior with better food!  I wanted to sit and watch Harry’s Law and eat during the whole show.  At this moment, I don’t really know why.  I was mildly grumpy, but nothing specific I can put my finger on.  Honeslty, I think part of it was a little “healthy lifestyle change-fatigue.”  A little rebellion about following new habits.

The good news is this – I’m posting the news here which, by virtue of writing about it helps me tame my behavior tremendously.  There are times when I THINK about eating certain things, but know I’m gonig to have to ‘confess’ on the blog, and so I choose not to have them.  This also leads to me declaring that today, I’m not having cheese and crackers.

The other good news is – today was ‘weigh day’ and I’ve lost two more pounds for a grand total now of 12.5.  Feeling good about that – about the fact that I’ve had a slip or two, and still the numbers are going down.  This means that, 95-ish% of the time I’m making the right choices – doing good things on my behalf!

That makes me feel pretty good about myself. 

Next up – a plan to have some of my pants altered as they are getting too baggy and make me feel sloppy – the opposite of how I’d like to feel as more and more of me disappears!

3 Responses to “Danger, Will Robinson…”

  1. Dee November 4, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    Another 2.5 pounds! That’s great, Kendall. Here’s to entering the next 10 pound increment on the scale. Seeing that new lower number is so addicting…keep it going!

  2. Diane November 5, 2011 at 12:51 am #

    Congrats, Kendall! Love how you’re keeping it real, AND still peeling off the pounds.

  3. darlene leeper November 5, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    good for you on the lost of 2 more lbs just imagine 12 1 lb cartons of butter stacked together and see what you have lost from your body.


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