I need to plan better…

9 Dec

for Tuesday lunches!  Tuesday’s are busy-ish in the mornings with the gym, a quick stop at my folks to drop off Tux for a little visit while I’m reading at Greenwood School for SMART – then a trip to New Seasons Market for anything we need there, as it’s close to my reading location. 

By the time I get home it’s nearly 1:00ish.  This past Tuesday, I thought maybe I’d have some Thai, hmmm, nah…maybe I’ll see what New Seasons has in their deli counter, nah…(so far the stuff I’ve tasted doesn’t have much flavor), salad bar, nah.  Didn’t even have anything pre-made (like leftovers, etc.) at home. 

So, I ended up with chips!  It wasn’t super awful.  I mean, I ate more than one should eat in a sitting, but I didn’t polish off the bag.  I crushed what was left and put the wavy crumblets in the trash.  Fortunately, this time, I didn’t have that ‘slippery slope doom and gloom” feeling that sometimes comes when this happens.  It was a blip.

Wednesday, I was back to my kale and zucchini skillet with a little vinegar, cranberries and cashews over wheat berries and a sprinkling of feta.  It was delish. 

So, the lesson here is have something ready for Tuesday’s lunch!  Not so hard, really. 

On another note, I managed to eat lunch twice last week away from the TV.  It wasn’t so bad…

For now, I’ve got to let my poor little strained bicep tendon heal so I can go back to my core and strengthening work.  There’s still some I can do.  And, I guess during Zumba, I’ll have to do some one-armed clapping for awhile.  I can still get the old heart pumping, even if I can’t pump iron with my right arm for awhile!

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