Was December 9th really my last post?

19 Dec

Well…things just haven’t been that exciting around here.  I’m kind of cruising along in healthy lifestyle mode.  I seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern, however, and given that it is holiday time, it’s not that surprising.  In fact, Tom and I were talking the other night about having a goal of just not gaining any weight until the holidays are over.  I think it’s a good goal…

We’re even talking (not that seriously yet) about doing some kind of crazy cleanse after the first of the year.  But, I don’t know if I can do all the things that go along with it…it’s kind of a lot of work.  I also don’t know if I can live without dairy for 2 weeks, and I don’t know if Tom can live without IPA.

I’m holding on at a 19.5 pound weight loss (I REALLY want to just call it 20, but I’m trying to be all exact and everything).  I DID, however, order the purse.  (See picture below!)  In fact, Tom bought it for me!  It should arrive on the 21st!

In some ways, I feel kind of lazy in that it’s been 13 weeks and I’ve (only) lost 20ish lbs.   But, that’s the K-FKD radio station in my head talking. 

Weight loss is good, and keeping off is, too.  At least I think I’m going to know what it’s like to maintain, right?  By the end of the year, though, I’m going to be ready for some more serious results!  And, fortunately, I’m still going to have time to meet my goal.  As ‘they’ say, “it’s all good!”

Here’s the fabooo handbag!  Isn’t she a beaut!?



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