Twenty-four LBs total…

22 Jan

yep, that’s right.  Yeeeeeehaw!  Stepped on the gym scale today and I’d lost another 3 pounds since last Saturday.  There was no magic this week…in fact, if you’ll recall there were even chips involved.

I’m beginning to see that maybe my weight loss pattern is an accumulation over 2 -3 weeks rather than 2 lbs or so per week – it will be 1/2 pound, then nothing, then three pounds, etc.  This is not a scientific study.   Could also be two weeks in a row of 5X per week at the gym…who knows?

What I DO know is that I was pretty happy with the discovery.  I even weighed myself twice to be sure.  I still can’t quite get used to my head telling me that I don’t feel any different from 24 LBs ago.  My clothes, however, tell a different story.  I’m thinking it’s the slow weight loss method…

Just about time to consult a tailor!  I’ve discovered that the little shop in old town Sherwood does all of the alterations for Nordstrom, so I know they’ll be good. 

I didn’t have a 25 LB treat established for myself.  I’m thinking I’ll wait until 30, (after all I DID just go to the spa which was a big treat).  Now I’ve got to think of something for 30!


One Response to “Twenty-four LBs total…”

  1. Diane January 23, 2012 at 2:51 am #

    Hooray! Just about halfway there!!!! I think 30 lbs. deserves a mani-pedi. Congratulations!

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