I’ve eaten a little too much food this week…

28 Jan

no big binges, just a few meals that were more than I needed.  Example: Today’s lunch – turkey patty, salad, 6 oz bag of Kettle chips w/some light sour cream.  The first two items would have been plenty.

I’m blaming it on PMS, but who knows.  I’ve been feeling pretty happy and satisfied the last several days…so, I guess it could be a little anxiety about some new, good things taking shape.  My mind has been crazy busy with all sorts of ideas.  Mainly I think it’s hormones.

I DO think there is still a part of me that needs to believe I’m not a complete success.  You know?  As in, “Who do you think you are in your big girl pants, setting a goal and then looking like you might meet it?  Huh?”  It’s a gnawing, nagging voice that needs to convince me I’ve got on heels that are a little too high for my own good.  “Lost 3 more pounds, huh, (as reported in my last post), “so best test you now, Smarty-Smartenstein.   I mean, do you REALLY think you can lose those 50 lbs?   Huh, really?”

Yes, I do.  I’m persevering…sometimes there might be a step back or two, but I’m ambling forward.  I bought a few new shirts yesterday in a smaller ‘size’ (oy vey, the difference in sizes – that’s the topic of a whole other blog), and it felt so great!  I could actually see the difference in myself standing in front of that dressing room mirror in those cute shirts…proof that even though I can’t always feel it OR see it, I’m moving in the right direction – forward!

One Response to “I’ve eaten a little too much food this week…”

  1. drnancy January 28, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    Amen, Sister…xo

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