The chips were down…

24 Feb

at least the Kettle chips that is.  They were calling and calling to me today and I gave in…an 8 0z bag. 

Whenever this happens, I think, I don’t want to post it on the blog because I’m sure some people who read it think, “OKAY, so, we’ve heard this already…why are you posting it AGAIN?”  Well, the answer is, I need to confess it to stay as on track as I have been.  I need to say I did it.  It helps me.

Whenever I experience some significant movement in my weight loss, it seems to be followed in that same week with the ‘desire’ for chips.  The only word I can come up with is ‘self-sabotage’.  It’s a twisted kind of balancing act I do.  Can’t just experience the high of the success.  I have to also sneak in a reminder that I’m NOT a goal achiever. 

I know I’ve mentioned this before as well.  But, for some reason I keep repeating the behavior anyway.  So, if you are reading this – thanks for hearing my confession.  I’m afraid that if I keep these things secret, I’ll do them WAY more often than I do – because I can keep it to myself, which I think, feels even worse.


One Response to “The chips were down…”

  1. Diane February 24, 2012 at 5:31 am #

    My hat is off. It takes a brave soul to admit when the chips are down. And if nothing else good came from it, it was a great pun!

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