Stuck to the plan pretty well today!

1 Mar

Breakfast and lunch and snack were all right on.  For dinner I had steak chili, 1 glass of wine  and 1/2 a grilled cheese…so, strayed a bit, but not bad.  AND, I feel much better at the end of this day – not stuffed or even full.

Goal for this weekend – get ALL of the ‘too big and baggy’ clothes out of the house and to the Goodwill.  (Remember receipt for tax purposes – actually, remembering the receipt is easy, putting it someplace I’ll remember for next year’s taxes – not so much.)

Still working on the new clothes thing – going to try Target for some cheaper, new jeans!  Will report the results…BTW, Old Navy now has plus sized clothes (online only), which could be a great solution for the vacation wardrobe.

Tomorrow’s food plan:

Breakfast – Some sort of cereal, yogurt, fruit combination, coffee;

Lunch – a chicken salad, fruit;

Snack – fruit and nuts or a few crackers and pnut butter;

Dinner – chicken, veg and israeli couscous stew

Also, trying a new Zumba class tomorrow.  Feeling good about my plan!

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