20-block walk to dinner? No sweat!

15 Mar

I just returned from a trip to Southern California and NYC where I did some things I hadn’t done since I lost my 27ish LBs.  I didn’t think about it before I left, but this gave me an opportunity to see some differences in my fitness level.

When I visit my dear friend Murray in Santa Monica, if we have the time, we always walk to the Whole Foods in Venice for coffee and breakfast.  It’s about a 20ish minute walk – no biggy.  BUT, the walk back to her house includes a verrrrrrrry long 3-block, steep hill.  This hill usually kicks my butt, and in the past I have had to stop and rest before continuing on.  This time, no rest needed!  And, I was able to carry on a conversation without feeling as if I’d heave up a lung.

Then, in NYC, my co-workers and I walked 20 blocks to dinner (Bolud Sud – SO good).  Several of my co-workers’ ‘normal’ walking pace is not slow.  In the past, I’ve had to work at keeping up AND, by the time I reached my destination I was a sweat-head.  This time, NOPE!  Their normal pace was also my normal pace, and there was no sweat dripping down my neck.  It was awesome!

I had no idea this trip would afford me the opportunity to see a change in my fitness, and it was a great thing to realize.  For the most part, I focus much more on the scale, my size and how my clothes fit.  But, of course, being in better physical condition is better…better for my health and my comfort and peace of mind in getting around my world.

Ooooops, better get this posted – it’s about time to go to Zumba!

One Response to “20-block walk to dinner? No sweat!”

  1. Carol March 15, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    Kendall, that’s amazing!!! So happy for you that you are seeing progress in so many ways 🙂

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