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Oui Oui…

9 May

I’m thinking about croissants right now.  Not those cardboard things that come from Cost Co…No!  Truth is, I can usually pass them up with no problem.  BUT, as just about everyone who knows me knows, I’m headed to France!  Two days in Paris first, and I’ve pledged to have one the day I arrive.  I’m realizing at just this very moment that I am perhaps on a mssion to find the finest croissant.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, and it’s because life has been BUSY.  Things haven’t really slowed down since birthday week the 20th or so of April.  And now I’m in those last couple of days before departure where I’m anxious about all there still is to do, and what I might be forgetting.  Passport – check.  Underwear – check.  Converter plugs – check.  I’ve even added World Traveler to my cell so roaming is cheaper.  But, I’m sure there is something I haven’t thought of.

I HAVE thought about how I’ve only hit 30 by Fifty and not 50 by Fifty.  It’s disappointing and an accomplishment all at the same time.  I think part of what makes is more disappointing is that I’ve kind of lost my ooomph for losing more weight.  I mean, I want to lose it, but without doing anything extra to make it happen.  (Yes, I know, I’m a broken record.) 

Of course, I’m not going to worry about losing more weight while on vacation.  My hope is to maintain the 30.  Yes, we’ll be eating amazing food, drinking great wine, but we’ll also be walking – A LOT!  I believe our plan for most days is about 10,000 steps.  The good news is, I’ve been maintaining for awhile now, and have not been eating like an angel.  Still exercising, though, which is kind of a miracle for me.

I think the thing that makes me the most disappointed and sad is, I’m still not going to like looking at pictures of myself.  We’re planning to take a bunch o’ pictures and I wished I was going to be pleased by how I look in them.  But, I guess this is a time to accept things the way they are and enjoy my experiences.   Acceptance is certainly something that doesn’t come easily to me.  I’m going to try my best to find something to love about my pictures.  I think that’s a good goal for vacation.

Oh yeah, AND finding the best croissant in France!

pour votre sante’