Refining the Bribe…

28 Jun

The current ‘loosy-goosy’ parameters of the bribe just aren’t workin’.  Apparently, if you ‘give an overeater an inch, she’ll start thinking about what she can get away with, and still get to book a massage!’

This may be news to you, but I’m a very clever girl.  Yesterday, I convinced myself that since I can’t have nightly dessert in order to get into that plushy, Allison robe, I could have some red licorice and an oatmeal cookie in the afternoon.  Even as I was chomping, and not really tasting this oatmeal cookie, I knew it was just, well, wrong.  The spa bribe is definitely an ‘e ticket’ ride, and I can’t feel good lounging over the latest Travel Magazine if I haven’t been completely honest with myself – and what I’m trying to accomplish with this goal.

SO, I’ve refined the bribe rules a bit, and here are the updated requirements:

For five days in a row, no salty, crunchy, chip-like snacks; no dessert food [only exception is a square or two of dark chocolate here and there], and NO big, ‘ugh-I-really-feel-stuffed-pass-the-Rolaids’ meals.  Once this has been accomplished for five consecutive days, the spa day will be in my clutches.  Considering yesterday’s afternoon sweets indiscretion, this is now day one.  So far, so good…

I had to go to the store for an item for tonight’s dinner, and that can be a dangerous thing – especially if it’s before lunch.  I wanted something to make my lunch ‘extra yummy’ (i.e. usually this involves chips or somthing not-so-good for me).  I settled on some brown rice cakes – one with turkey and cheese, and one with a Laughing Cow blue cheese[like] schmear.  That seemed to satisfy the crunchy craving for today.

I’m worried I might want something sweet this afternoon, and I’ve already decided that if I do, I’ll have a little granola with milk or yogurt.

So, that’s the plan for today.  The weekend will be a challenge as it is usually when we indulge in dessert.  BUT, if I can get through these next five days, I should be able to have something dessert-like on the 4th and still get my buns to the spa next weekend.  Hope they’ll have an opening…

God Bless dark chocolate, and God Bless America…

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