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It’s true that daily food plan postings…

27 Sep

are not sexy!  However, it seems to be quite helpful to me.  I have not been on track since Saturday, and while a part of me certainly likes eating what I want, there is also a part of me that misses feeling good about making healthy choices, having more energy and being proud of herself instead of ashamed.  So, I am posting my food plan for the day…


Whole grain cereal, blueberries, milk, coffee

Snack: (before exercising) an egg OR some chicken breast

Lunch: Chicken salad, fruit

Snack: fruit and yogurt, or laughing cow and crackers

Dinner: Salmon nicoise salad

On another note, I’ve decided that since I don’t like that silly step-business in the muscle toning class, I’m going to set up an appointment with a trainer at the Y and create my own toning workout.  I’m also going to buy an exercise band to take with me on my business trip next week so I can do some toning work while I’m gone.

Who IS this exercising person?  ; ^ }

Oh yes…

22 Sep

a quickie to say that last week was quite successful!  I lost the 3 LBs I’d gained back.  Pretty happy about that as you can imagine.

I have decided I do NOT like the muscle toning class – it’s an hour long and involves these fancy moves on and off of the step bench which I can’t quite master.  So, the plan is to create my own toning routine with free weights at the gym and do that twice a week.  The other days I’ll be Zumba-fied.

Today IS Feast Portland, (heading there soon) and while I’m not planning to go crazy, I’m giving myself the day off to enjoy.  My willpower seems to decline once I’ve had wine, which we’ll be doing tonight at dinner at A Cena, so we’ll see how I do with what I order.  But, again, the day off!

Diane – the day you sent me the note about wanting pastry but telling yourself ‘if Kendall can do it, I can do it’ was so amazingly helpful.  Thanks for that!

My supporters, family and friends ROCK!


The high is over…

20 Sep

And the ‘grumpys’ are setting in.  The good news is I’m still very much on track.  The bad news is I’m feeling grumpy and restless.  It won’t last long – maybe a day or so, which is another good thing.  But, I don’t like this feeling.

For example, I have a significant list of things on my ‘to do’ list and don’t feel like doing a single one.  I’d rather curl up on the couch and watch a day’s worth of good movies.  I’ll probably feel better after Zumba at 10:30, but I’m lacking a bit in the oomph department.

Oh – dinner last night was so yummy though!  It was a steak salad (a new cut – Denver steak) with avocado and blue cheese.  So good…look at all this steak I had – just over 4 ounces.









At least I’m eating really great food.

But, back to the oomph issue – I COULD challenge myself to see how quickly I can get my ‘to do’ list done…but, we’ll see.  (Okay, I’m committing to getting 4 things done on my list right now! – before I go to Zumba)

I’m hoping to get a jolt of enthusiasm when I weigh myself Friday or Saturday – crossing my fingers that I will have lost at least 2 LBs.  Time will tell…

Those of you doing your version of this week with me – let me know how it’s going for you!  I know my dear pastry-loving friend has still abstained.  You go girl!

Great Day Today…

18 Sep

I stuck to the plan and am feeling good.  I did get a little queasy this morning, which wasn’t fun.  Fortunately it passed just before heading to Zumba.  Having a plan certainly helps, so I will make one for tomorrow as well.

Though I’m feeling good now, I’m a little worried about the next couple of days as they can be the hardest.  I heard from a few folks today who are ‘doing the week’ with me, which was so helpful.  One of my friends who does NOT need to lose weight is giving up her pastries this week.  I love that!  It makes me feel like I’m not detoxing alone.  The solidarity is great.  Someone I’ve never even met agreed to join me in my week of detox.  I have some great people in my corner.

For tomorrow:  I’m going to the muscle toning class and walking the dog

Breakfast: egg, fruit, yogurt, cereal

Snack:  peanut butter and an apple

Lunch: Salmon salad, sliced tomato and melon

Snack:  cheese (or nuts), carrots

Dinner: turkey/lamb kofta and greek salad

I didn’t need to get out of the house today in order to keep on track (I DID need a nap).  But, it’s important that I keep that option in mind of leaving the house for a bit in the afternoon if needed.  The coffee shop or library is a good place to go!

Thanks everyone, for your support…it really does help.

Detox – Day 1

17 Sep

Woke up with that all too familiar feeling of being tired and a little wire-y after consuming wine and sugar last night.  It could be a rough couple of days, but I’m ready!  Going to one of my favorite Zumba classes at 10:30.  And the food plan is as follows:

Breakfast: figs, berries, yogurt and an egg (gotta have the protein for exercise)

Snack: fruit and a little peanut butter (if hungry)

Lunch: open-face turkey sandwich, sliced tomato, carrots and melon

Snack: laughing cow and sesame crackers

Dinner: salmon and spinach salad

Dessert: N-A-D-A

I’m feeling good about the plan for the week.  The afternoon is always my weakest time of day.  So, the plan is to take my pooch and my computer up to Starbucks for an iced non-fat latte.  It’s always good for me to get out of the house, at least for a bit.  I’m also planning to shower up after Zumba and put on ‘real’ clothes.  Sometimes I hang out in my gym clothes (I know, growwwwssssssss) and just start working again.

I need to keep in mind that sometimes detox days make me tired, and tired can = eating.  So, if a little nap is needed, so be it.  This is my plan for the day.  I shall report the results tomorrow after my unpleasant muscle toning class.  If only it could be as dreamy as eating pie…

Want to join me in a 5-day clean eating detox?

16 Sep

It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. It’s not one of those crazy garlic smoothy, celery foam handful of supplements kind of thing.  In fact, for me it means no chips, big carbs or desserts Monday – Friday, and I’m going to Zumba M, W, and F, and to the obnoxious muscle toning class on T and Th. I’ve already got my meal plans for the week and the groceries are purchased. We’ve got some turkey Kofta, steak salad, salmon and Greek salad on the menu. It’s really good stuff. I’ve even got some dark chocolate almonds for those days I need a sweet bite.

I’m actually serious about wanting help by having people join me this week to get me going again. You see, the wagon I got back on 10-ish days ago broke down not long after … I was enthusiastic for about a day and a half. I weighed myself at the Y and discovered I’m about 3 LBS up. Then I made pie that Sunday, and then pie the next Sunday. I was definitely traveling through the ‘I may never get pie again and I need to eat some NOW’ zone, even though that is SO not true.

When I started doing this last year, I could pretty much eat healthy during the week, and then have wine and dessert on the weekends and still lose weight. Well, I feel like I was doing that after we got back from Europe and not continuing to lose weight. This means one of two things – either my perception was askew (entirely possible), OR my body got used to that plan and decided it wasn’t going to play by those rules any longer.

The bottom line is I need some weight loss to get me going again. I figure if I stick with the plan I’ve mentioned above, I could potentially lose a couple of pounds. Unfortunately, this will put me more at the LB loss level I achieved before vacation, and won’t be ‘new’ weight loss. But, it is moving in the right direction, and something I really need. Can’t get beyond it if I don’t hit it again.

Another ‘unfortunately’ is we are going to Feast food festival on Saturday, which makes me a little nervous. I have no plan for that day as of yet, and I need one. So, do you want to help me out and join me in a healthy food five-day plan? It could be fun to share comments throughout the week on my blog or via email. And, maybe it will get you on a path down which you’ve been wanting to travel.

Let me know what you think. Tom and I will be diving in on Monday – some company would be great!  Safety and power in numbers, people…

Well, it’s time…

4 Sep

It’s been nearly a year now since I started this 50×50 idea, and, I believe (I haven’t weighed lately) I’m still at about a 28-30 LB loss.  It’s time to go for more…  We’ve been talking about vacation ideas for the early part of next year (more on that later), which seems to inspire me to set goals.

So, the goals for now are 10 LBs by Christmas, then 10 more by vacation.  That should be VERY doable (possibly exceed-able).  There are 15-ish and a half weeks until the holiday.  I’m not sure how many weeks until vacation as we haven’t chosen specific dates yet.  Achieving these goals will finally get me to my first 50 LBs.  It’s also time to get back on the ‘blog train.’

I’ve been checking out with which I have a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE that if I eat at a popular or chain-ish restaurant, I can pretty much find my food on the myfitnesspal list.  What I HATE – when cooking at home and having, say, a taco salad, I have to look up EVERY SINGLE ingredient in my salad (avocado, meat, lettuce, radishes, cheese, sour cream, etc.).  That I find to be a big pain.  I understand there is a way to create a calorie/point count for your own meals, which will add those meals to my permanent list.  I need to figure out how that works.  Eliminating frustration is always good in my book.

Another thing I LOVE is, including exercise adds points to your food allowance for the day.  It makes me WANT to exercise so I can add more food choices.  Another – if you have a ‘good’ day – (eating under or at your point level for the day), it will project what you can lose if you eat like that for the next five weeks.  Very motivating!

One of the things myfitnesspal has gotten me to do is weigh/measure food so I can correctly record it in my daily record.   I want to be as accurate as I can to meet my daily goals.

So, I guess it’s time for a new start.  Fortunately, I’ve been keeping up the exercise, which I know has helped me maintain the weight I have lost.  As I believe I’ve stated here on other occasions, I LOVE my Zumba.  In fact, I’m off to a class in a few minutes.

It’s time to kick up my heels and get back on track…