Want to join me in a 5-day clean eating detox?

16 Sep

It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. It’s not one of those crazy garlic smoothy, celery foam handful of supplements kind of thing.  In fact, for me it means no chips, big carbs or desserts Monday – Friday, and I’m going to Zumba M, W, and F, and to the obnoxious muscle toning class on T and Th. I’ve already got my meal plans for the week and the groceries are purchased. We’ve got some turkey Kofta, steak salad, salmon and Greek salad on the menu. It’s really good stuff. I’ve even got some dark chocolate almonds for those days I need a sweet bite.

I’m actually serious about wanting help by having people join me this week to get me going again. You see, the wagon I got back on 10-ish days ago broke down not long after … I was enthusiastic for about a day and a half. I weighed myself at the Y and discovered I’m about 3 LBS up. Then I made pie that Sunday, and then pie the next Sunday. I was definitely traveling through the ‘I may never get pie again and I need to eat some NOW’ zone, even though that is SO not true.

When I started doing this last year, I could pretty much eat healthy during the week, and then have wine and dessert on the weekends and still lose weight. Well, I feel like I was doing that after we got back from Europe and not continuing to lose weight. This means one of two things – either my perception was askew (entirely possible), OR my body got used to that plan and decided it wasn’t going to play by those rules any longer.

The bottom line is I need some weight loss to get me going again. I figure if I stick with the plan I’ve mentioned above, I could potentially lose a couple of pounds. Unfortunately, this will put me more at the LB loss level I achieved before vacation, and won’t be ‘new’ weight loss. But, it is moving in the right direction, and something I really need. Can’t get beyond it if I don’t hit it again.

Another ‘unfortunately’ is we are going to Feast food festival on Saturday, which makes me a little nervous. I have no plan for that day as of yet, and I need one. So, do you want to help me out and join me in a healthy food five-day plan? It could be fun to share comments throughout the week on my blog or via email. And, maybe it will get you on a path down which you’ve been wanting to travel.

Let me know what you think. Tom and I will be diving in on Monday – some company would be great!  Safety and power in numbers, people…

2 Responses to “Want to join me in a 5-day clean eating detox?”

  1. Helen Totten September 18, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    I will join you… I was out of town yesterday, so I have only just read your post

    • Kendall September 18, 2012 at 12:27 am #

      Thanks Helen! That’s awesome. You know, you are my one follower whom I don’t know personally. I’m so glad you are a part of my blog.

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