Great Day Today…

18 Sep

I stuck to the plan and am feeling good.  I did get a little queasy this morning, which wasn’t fun.  Fortunately it passed just before heading to Zumba.  Having a plan certainly helps, so I will make one for tomorrow as well.

Though I’m feeling good now, I’m a little worried about the next couple of days as they can be the hardest.  I heard from a few folks today who are ‘doing the week’ with me, which was so helpful.  One of my friends who does NOT need to lose weight is giving up her pastries this week.  I love that!  It makes me feel like I’m not detoxing alone.  The solidarity is great.  Someone I’ve never even met agreed to join me in my week of detox.  I have some great people in my corner.

For tomorrow:  I’m going to the muscle toning class and walking the dog

Breakfast: egg, fruit, yogurt, cereal

Snack:  peanut butter and an apple

Lunch: Salmon salad, sliced tomato and melon

Snack:  cheese (or nuts), carrots

Dinner: turkey/lamb kofta and greek salad

I didn’t need to get out of the house today in order to keep on track (I DID need a nap).  But, it’s important that I keep that option in mind of leaving the house for a bit in the afternoon if needed.  The coffee shop or library is a good place to go!

Thanks everyone, for your support…it really does help.

One Response to “Great Day Today…”

  1. Diane September 18, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    Nice work, Miss K! As for me, I have continued to abstain from pastries and most sugar, and I have to say, I feel less “wired” than I normally do. Good for you for muscle-toning! Tomorrow my goal is to get up for the 6 a.m. boot camp. As the instructor says, the hardest part is getting out of bed. Gotta rip the band-aid off. Love, D

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