Oh yes…

22 Sep

a quickie to say that last week was quite successful!  I lost the 3 LBs I’d gained back.  Pretty happy about that as you can imagine.

I have decided I do NOT like the muscle toning class – it’s an hour long and involves these fancy moves on and off of the step bench which I can’t quite master.  So, the plan is to create my own toning routine with free weights at the gym and do that twice a week.  The other days I’ll be Zumba-fied.

Today IS Feast Portland, (heading there soon) and while I’m not planning to go crazy, I’m giving myself the day off to enjoy.  My willpower seems to decline once I’ve had wine, which we’ll be doing tonight at dinner at A Cena, so we’ll see how I do with what I order.  But, again, the day off!

Diane – the day you sent me the note about wanting pastry but telling yourself ‘if Kendall can do it, I can do it’ was so amazingly helpful.  Thanks for that!

My supporters, family and friends ROCK!


One Response to “Oh yes…”

  1. Diane September 24, 2012 at 12:32 am #

    Yay for losing those pounds! Woowie! Hope the feast was fun but not TOO much fun, if you know what I mean.

    Love ya, D

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