It’s true that daily food plan postings…

27 Sep

are not sexy!  However, it seems to be quite helpful to me.  I have not been on track since Saturday, and while a part of me certainly likes eating what I want, there is also a part of me that misses feeling good about making healthy choices, having more energy and being proud of herself instead of ashamed.  So, I am posting my food plan for the day…


Whole grain cereal, blueberries, milk, coffee

Snack: (before exercising) an egg OR some chicken breast

Lunch: Chicken salad, fruit

Snack: fruit and yogurt, or laughing cow and crackers

Dinner: Salmon nicoise salad

On another note, I’ve decided that since I don’t like that silly step-business in the muscle toning class, I’m going to set up an appointment with a trainer at the Y and create my own toning workout.  I’m also going to buy an exercise band to take with me on my business trip next week so I can do some toning work while I’m gone.

Who IS this exercising person?  ; ^ }

One Response to “It’s true that daily food plan postings…”

  1. Diane September 29, 2012 at 4:06 am #

    Go, Toning Band Woman, go!

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