Eat less dinner…

15 May

this is one of my goals for today.  Yesterday, I managed to skip the delicious shortbread cookies at Jola Cafe, but then had too much dinner.  Tom made a new recipe which involved tortilla chips, and I had too many.  I think part of the problem is, I’m trying to ‘fake it ’til I make it’ right now.  Translation – I don’t REALLY feel like commiting to eating less, and giving up nightly desserts, but know I should AND said last week in my blog that I would.

Today I’m feeling low energy and a bit ‘meh’ – big contrast to yesterday when I felt great.  Oh yeah, emotions, like everything in life, change, don’t they?  Well, the fact that this is a bit of a ‘so-so’ day, means the temptation to eat something wonderfully salty and crunchy is high.  So, I’m making a commitment NOT to do that today.

I made some yummy granola first thing this morning, so breakfast was GREAT – fresh strawberries, Fage, granola…

Lunch will be smoked chicken, fresh pineapple, and maybe a small salad (our barrels of salad greens are so ready to be picked)

Snack: laughing cow and gluten free crackers

Dinner: chinese chicken salad

After dinner: Starbucks latte

I’m also trying VERY hard to get myself to go to ‘old lady’ Zumba at 1:30 today…if you’ve got a minute, send me a few ‘get off your butt’ thoughts…

One Response to “Eat less dinner…”

  1. Diane May 16, 2013 at 1:21 am #

    Hey there! I’m glad you’re checking in, babe, and I hope you made it to Zumba. I have to tell you that avoiding scones has been very difficult–what is tea without one? But I have done it, thinking that if Kendall can do it, I can do it. In fact, our boot camp is having a nutrition challenge right now, till June 22, so I’m sort of kind of telling myself I can keep going till then. I even threw out the blueberry cobbler I made for Maisie’s teacher (after giving the teacher her portion, of course!). I figured if I didn’t have it around, I won’t eat it. But yes, a lot of it is “fake it till you make it.” I’ve been simultaneously trying not to have a cigarette each day (that was my latest bad habit) and while I haven’t thrown them out yet, I have held off for a bit. Sometimes that’s all I need to do: Just hold off. Just for now. And put the butt in gear somewhere better for me. Hope that makes sense! Let’s keep each other honest–Love you!

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