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The Grumpies got the best of me today…

4 Dec

AND they seeped right into an email to a client.  YIKES!  Not good.  There’s nothing I can do to change that unfortunate incident.  HOWEVER, I can use it as a lesson to check and filter myself on these grumpy days (actually, every day).

They really caught me by surprise.  Sunday night, I was worried that Monday would be tough, and that I’d not be able to follow through on my commitment to get back into the Flourish swing.  I even sent myself an email with a food plan for the day along with some nice, encouraging words about doing something good for my future self.  And it worked.

But guess what?  I had NO plan for today.  I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep, and then I slowly got grouchy…sort of werewolf-style, you know the way they slowly grow hair on the backs of their hands, and their teeth get all longer and drippy?  I’m feeling that sense of being overwhelmed again, like I did in my first week on the Flourish plan when I was giving up everything I usually use to cope.  I ended up eating popcorn.  Harrumph!  Each day needs a plan.

I’ve got a lot on my plate (oh dear, those food references always sneak in there), and I’m getting frustrated with a certain aspect of what I do for one of my clients.  I let that frustration show today.  And, as I think about adding on all of my own personal lessons and reminders it feels like too much.

There is good news, however – I really do remember feeling this way 8 weeks ago, AND, more importantly, remember it not lasting very long.  After a few days of thick clouds and nasty weather brewing, I recall that emotional storm breaking and feeling a tremendous sense of relief.

So, this is the time to hang in there, have a plan and work my exercise and eating program…the relief, and eventual goal results will follow…