Week One Wrap-up

25 Sep

The most important lesson this 1st week would definitely be to make sure I am aware of when I NEED to eat, and to plan around my schedule.  There were a couple of days when I found myself getting ready to run out to an appointment or meeting and realized I hadn’t eaten in a while, and would probably get REALLY hungry while I was out.  That hungry/shaky feeling makes me quite grouchy!  And, I admit, it freaks me out a little bit.  “What if I’m hungry and don’t have anything to eat that is on my plan?”  (Okay, take-along-snacks will definitely be a good idea!)

In fact, on Saturday, I got up and futzed around for an hour or so, then, Tom, my sister and Tux and I went for a walk and had coffee out.  Around 11:00 I realized I hadn’t eaten and was very hungry — but it was going to be lunch time soon.  So, I had a hardboiled egg.  By the time we headed to Chipotle for lunch (around 12:15), I was quite agitated.  In fact, I declared that if Chipotle had a line when we arrived I would promptly fall into a toddler-like meltdown worthy of a serious timeout.  (Fortunately, we did not have to see if this would come to pass, as there was not even one person in line when we walked through the door.)

My younger brother (who has just lost 65 pounds through a metabolic health center) tells me that to jumpstart your metabolism, you should eat within the 1st hour of getting up in the morning.  I am not a big fan of eating right when I get up.  I prefer to have a cup of coffee, wake up and then have some breakfast.  However, on the days I go to 9:00 Jazzercise, I will have already been up for about an hour and a half.  I feel I need a little something for energy, but I don’t want to feel full when I start ‘jazzing’ around.  My solution to this is an apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter not long after I get up.  Then, after class, I will have the ‘normal’ breakfast.  Just a little switcheroo!

The takeaway this week is I need to be mindful so I don’t run off the rails from being too hungry.  It makes me feel irrational, and, well, I just don’t like that feeling very much.  All in all, this was a good first week.  I’m weighing myself once a week, and will get on the scale Monday morning at the Y when I show up for my early a.m. treadmill workout.

My goal for this week:  The gym with Tom Monday, Wednesday; Jazzercise Tuesday, Thursday and Zumba on Friday.  I’ll report my results next week!

Healthily yours,

3 Responses to “Week One Wrap-up”

  1. Diane September 25, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    Good idea, a little something before wOrking out. I like a banana with pb or a small smoothie with protien powder. An apple just doesn’t sit right, but that’s just me. Keep on!

  2. sunnydaydude September 26, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    Kendall this is Marcus. I wish you much success in your goal to lose weight. Try to be conscious of keeping some almonds and or fruit with you wherever you go. If you can don’t drink while your eating as this will wash the food out of your system before your system can process it fully. Drink liquid about 1/2 hr after eating. Try to be mindful when eating and chew the food thoroughly. Much fortune And get the soft addictions book.

  3. Krista September 26, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    You’re doing great, Kendall!

    I, too have trouble eating first thing in the morning. To solve getting some pre-morning-workout energy, I have a protein shake. I just mix it up in the blender with water, an EmergenC packet, and sometimes a handful of frozen berries. It helps sustain me through the workout for only about 150 calories.


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